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The Hunted

The Barnyard Red Rooster and Me

I am going to take a short pause from being a hunter to being the "hunted". Yes, that's right. I was the "HUNTED". I was hunted by a barnyard rooster. A big Rhode Island Red rooster to be exact on our farm in Ong, Nebrska.

This happened when I was about 5 years old. On our farm we had many chickens and roosters of different breeds. We had them for fresh eggs to eat. And every now and then some would end up on the dinner table as the main course.

I can still remember catching the chickens and roosters that found their way to the dinner table. I was big enough to catch the chickens and roosters but not to chop off their heads with the ax.

My grandma was the best when it came to butchering the barnyard fowl. She would just wring their neck. Grab them by the head and twirl them a couple of times. Then just snap their heads off. We normally butchered more than one. We would keep a few for immediate table fare and can the rest for later consumption.

Catching them was pretty easy. We had long wire hooks with a wooden handle on thick wire, about 4 foot long, with a curved hook on the end of the wire. It's called the Chicken Hook. You would use the hook to catch the chicken by the foot or leg. It was the easy way to catch them. They were caught and couldn't get away. It sure beat chasing after them and trying to catch them by hand.

The poultry or barnyard fowl were free ranging in the daytime. There is no fence keeping them penned up. We had a coop to lock them in safely in at night. But in the daytime they are free to come and go as they pleased. That's why we used the Chicken Hook. Have you ever tried to catch a chicken in the open by hand?

The Chicken Hook looked like this:

However, we had one rooster we could never catch. He was a "BIG" ole' Rhode Island Red rooster. And he was "BIG" and very cagey and wiley. He somehow always avoided capture. He sure would make a fine chicken dinner if we could ever catch him. Lots of chicken for everyone.

He looked something like this:

He had the same looking "evil eye" and he was mean, at least towards me. But not towards adults as far as I could tell. "Course I guess I made him that way, "mean". So I guess I deserved what eventually happened.

He made a good target. I liked to tease him. I'd throw sticks, rocks, stones and other things at him. Especially when he avoided capture when it was chicken butchering time. My folks and grandparents kept tellimg me that I shouldn't tease the rooster. But being about 5 years old I didn't listen. It was fun teasing the rooster. But I'd pay for it.

Well, the rooster finally got his "REVENGE".

It happened on a lazy and quiet Sunday afternoon. My grandparents had come over to spend the day with us. After we had dinner and the dishes were washed everyone set about to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. My parents and grandparents decided to play cards to pass the afternoon away.

After awhile I had to use the outhouse. We didn't have indoor plumbing or bathrooms or electricity and electric lights in those days, at least on ouur farm. We had the indoor hand operated waterpump in the sink. It looked like this.

Our outdoor water looked somthing like this.

And then to water the livestock we relied on windmills. I think everyone knows what a windmill looks like. And then the outhouse looked something like this. Except that the door opened the other direction. From left to right instead of right to left.

Anyhow, my parents and grandparents were busy playing cards so I was on my own in my trip to the outhouse. I told them where I was going. I opened the screen door to look outside. The coast was clear. At least for the first half of my journey. The outhouse was about 50 feet or so from the house. Then all of a sudden guess who appears. YEP you guessed it. The old red rooster. Well he saw me and that there were no grownups around.

He makes a beeline for me and since I was too far from the house I made a beeline for the outhouse. Luckily I beat the rooster to the outhouse, but not by much. That rooster could run but then I had an extra drive too. I peeked out of the door and there was the rooster standing guard. He had me TRAPPED! I might as well do my thing since that's what I was there for.

I completed my job and got a few sheets from the Sears & Roebuck catalog. Then I peeked out the door again and the red rooster was still there just waiting. I was TRAPPED in the outhouse. I did the only thing I could. I started yelling for help. The outhouse was far from the house and the door in the house was shut so no one heard me.

I must have yelled for help for at least a half an hour. In this time the grownups, especially my grandma, were wondering what happened to me that I wasn't back yet. My grandma opened the door to the house and then heard me yelling. She saw the outhouse and the rooster and immediately knew what was happening and why I hadn't returned yet.

The rooster was to intend on me in the outhouse that he didn't see my grandma sneaking up from behind him. Well she grabbed that rooster by the neck. FINALLY the old big mean red rooster was caught. My grandma didn't waste any time in wringing his neck. She twirled him a couple times then snapped off his head. The rooster didn't escape this time. Needless to say he was immediately plucked of feathers and all that. Guess what was for supper!! "YEP" a big pot of chicken and dumplings.

YUM YUM That was the best pot of chicken and dumplings I ever ate. I wonder WHY!

Stay tuned for more adventures.