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The Wild Goose Chase

I am going to skip forward several years for the next episode. But before I do my dad and I had many memorable hunting adventures together. But I lost him at age of 11 when he had a wreck on a very foggy night with a train. He was on his way home from work in Hastings, Nebraska. We were living in Fairfield, Nebraska at the time after having moved from off the farm when I was about 6 1/2 years old. I won't go into any further details. Needless to say I wasn't able to hunt for several years after that.

This wild goose chase took place during my high school years at Fairfield High School. It's something that I'll never forget. It is funny and comical though as some of my friends and I were outsmarted by a large flock of geese.

This took place after school one day. Goose hunting season was open in Nebraska at the time. A bunch of us were at the local cafe in downtown Fairfield. We were having our usual. It consisted of a soda pop a bag of potato chips and the bottle of ketchup that was always present on the booth's table top. We would put the ketchup on the potato chips and pretend they were french fries. It took a long time before the cafe realized why their ketchup bottles needed refilling so often. They finally caught on and removed the ketchup bottles from all the booths.

Anyway some of our friends came into the cafe and said they had seen a very large flock of geese a couple miles south of town. A bunch of us after hurriedly finishing our pop and chips pile into 3 cars to go investigate.

We headed south out of town to where the the geese were reported to have been seen. Just a mile out of town we could see the huge flock of geese. We all knew on seeing their location and their milling around in flight that they were over a already harvested cornfield that they were looking for a place to land and feed. Most of the farmers had their corn harvested at this time.

We arrived at the location and watched as the geese were milling around in flight and landing in the cornfield to rest and feed. They probably numbered somewhere between 300-400 geese in the flock. It was a huge flock. They were probably about a quarter to half a mile from the road.

It was something like this: Except that it was a cornfield

Finally they had all landed. We sat and watched them while we concocted our plan. After it got dark we would come back and rush them with sticks, ball bats, tire irons or whatever we had. Once we reached where they were we would start swinging and hopefully get us some geese. We all felt pretty confident with our plan so we left them alone to rest and eat. WE WOULD BE BACK!!!

We all met at the assigned time of 8:00 p.m. at the cafe for our goose hunt. We were anxious and excited about our plan to get some geese. We headed out of town to our destination of the night. About a half of a mile from our destination we turned out the headlights and proceeded with the parking lights so as to not frighten the geese.

We quietly got out of the cars and got ready for the mad dash to our target. We made sure we had our ball bats, etc. and some flashlights so we had some light to see by after we had way-layed our targets. We spread out so we wouldn't hit each other and then mad our mad dash.

We got to where we thought the geese should be. But when we got there we didn't hear a thing. NOTHING!! NOTTA'!! ZILCH!! We turned on the flashlights and saw that there were NO GEESE. The geese had flew the coop. Apparantly at some time after we had left earlier they had done this!!!


The geese had at some time flew off and vanished between time time we had left earlier and the time of our so-called DEADLY RAID!. No one had seen them leave as we had kept a lookout to the skies from our homes until it got to dark to see. But they could have flown away at a time when no one was looking at the skies.

But we all had a good laugh about it though. After all it's not every day you go on a WILD GOOSE CHASE!!! We didn't tell anybody about our litle adventure that night. We didn't want to be a laughing stock to be laughed at. The night of the WILD GOOSE CHASE stayed our secret. We had been outsmarted by a flock of geese.

Stay tuned for more adventures.