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From: Gary Karnatz

Dear Friend,

Making a living as a blogger has to be one of the sweetest gigs out there. As a blogger, you'll be able to earn passive income which means that your money will flow in even as you're sleeping, travelling or relaxing with friends. You're no longer trading time for income and this is the point you need to get to if you want to really be free and financially independent (even being self-employed with clients is still pretty much like having a job).

What's more, blogging means you get to earn that money by writing on a topic that you find fascinating and you even get to become something of a minor celebrity in your chosen niche. You can earn a lot of money here too ... if a blog takes off and becomes really successful then in theory you can earn thousands a day. It's incredibly scalable and there's no "upper limit" for what you can achieve.

  • Marketers who rely on their blogs make 13X more money than those that don't.

  • Companies with blogs receive 97% more links inbound to their website

  • Blogs are the 5th most trusted source of accurate information online!

  • 81% of consumers trust information they get from blogs

  • Well over 150 million people in the US alone read blogs regularly

  • 23% of internet time is spent on blogs

  • 61% of US customers have made purchases through blogs

  • It is generally thought that content marketing - AKA blogging - is now more powerful than pure SEO
As you can see then, blogging is very much a force to be reckoned with and there's more than enough here to go around.

Time to get a piece of the pie!

Evidently, more and more Internet users are becoming more accustomed to reading and relying on independent sources of information other than common media, whether it's for business or personal usage.

Which leads to another interesting question: should you be starting your own blog?

Here Are 4 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Be Starting Your Own Blog!

Starting your own blog can be free. As a matter of fact, your startup cost is just about zero.
More and more Internet users today are becoming more comfortable to reading and surfing at weblogs other than relying on formal sources and media for information.
No technical knowledge is required. In other words, you don't have to be HTML or programming savvy to know how to utilize a blog.
One of the most common profit vehicle linked to blogs is that of monetizing from Google Adsense program. You don't necessarily have to have your own product in order to make money online. As long as you can drive targeted traffic into your blog and increase your ad clickthroughs, your income is guaranteed.

Now while the reasons are rather persuasive and that blogging can be all profitable for any individual, what are often the problems are:

  • Owning a blog can be a serious drain on your time. Whether you're posting on your personal or business blog, updates play a very vital role here. We're not just talking about attracting your readers to keep coming back for fresh content. You need to take into consideration about major Search Engines that influence the rank of your web pages!

  • Creating fresh content on a regular basis can prove to be a challenge. From a marketing perspective, a blog can significantly detract from your time. It can also put you in a bind to add fresh content to a site that might be better off with a static, optimized sales page.

  • Relying on only one income source. In most cases, relying on only one source of income i.e. Google Adsense can spell "suicide". It might have passed off as alright if you're doing it as a hobby but what if you're a serious player and you intend to make serious income?

Now you wish that there's someone (or something) that could teach you the ropes and trades of blogging - in and out. You're very sure that there's more to the game of blogging than just smacking together a couple of blogs filled with tons of irrelevant pages and then paste your Google Adsense codes.

And what about commitment? You want to post at your leisure - not out of force. Yet you know the consequences of not updating your blog often. That'll risk you at running out of ideas quick. This isn't taking into account how much time and effort you could be wasting on writing alone which you could've better spend the same effort marketing your blog instead (that's where the money is, after all).

Well... you're in for a treat.

Announcing The Blogger's Guide To Profits:


53 Letter-Size Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download

Whether you are new to the blogging scene or have owned your own set of online blogs, it's time you turn your blogs into cash-raking assets that will work hard for you - around the clock!

Imagine, Learning Things Like:

  • The 9 types of profitable blogs you can start building right now at zero cost!

  • 6 powerful profit centers you can discover and utilize all from the same blog (besides Google Adsense, that is)!

  • How to pick up a super HOT topic to make money from in less than 5 minutes!

  • How to create your own blog from scratch under 10 minutes - it doesn't matter even if you have no previous HTML or programming experience!

  • Blogging power strategies not many know so well of that can turn every page in your blog into income-generating assets!

  • Increasing your blog page ranking and popular Search Engine results significantly the easy way!

  • The art of driving targeted traffic into your blog - while this has always been a mystery to most novice bloggers and beginning marketers, my manual demystifies this topic and exposes the truth, once and for all, on getting extremely TARGETED traffic to your blogs in boatloads!

  • How to use your blogs as lead-generating vehicles for maximum results! (Hint: no, it's not just about placing an opt-in box in the page!)

  • How to constantly update your blogs with fresh TOP quality content without having to necessarily chalk out a single word! There are little known methods that can help you possibly achieve this, believe it or not!

  • How to position your Google Adsense codes in your blog templates and optimize your blog content for maximum focus in your ads display... for maximum profits!

  • How you can use RSS in benefiting your blog growth and activities by as much as 150% and above!

  • How you can use your blog posts two-fold in building your blog page ranking and gaining viral exposure for FREE!

  • Starting your own blog for massive profits in 9 easy steps!

  • Powerful tools and resources you can use for FREE or low cost,

  • And much, much more to be covered!

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Imagine, Learning Things Like:

Introduction And What You Will Learn

Blogging Statistics And Why You Should Care

What You Will Learn in This Guide

Chapter 1: Selecting Your Niche

Chapter 2: How To Pick The Right Blog Platform
    Choosing a Name and URL

Chapter 3: How To Customize Your Blog's Appearance
   Creating a Logo
   Choosing Your Theme
   Customizing Your Theme

Chapter 4: How To Write And Create Killer Blog Content
   Why 'Content is King'
   How Much Content Should You Be Adding?
   How Many Words Should Each Blog Post Be?
   Choosing Topics

Chapter 5: How To Add Video And Images To Your Blog For More Engagement
   How To Add A Video To Your Blog

Chapter 6: How To Profit From Your Blog
   Consider This Before You Spend A Single Cent On Advertising
   Creating and Selling Products
   Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 7: Building an E-Mail List

Chapter 8: Socializing Your Blog
   The Basics
   Creating a Community on Your Own Blog

Chapter 9: Important Pages to Have on Your Blog

Chapter 10: Conclusion and the Next Step

The Next Level - More Blogs!

What We've Learned

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  • Video 1 - How To Organize & Backup Your Blog
  • Video 2 - Optimizing Your Blog For Keywords
  • Video 3 - Buying A Keyword-Optimized Domain Name
  • Video 4 - Choosing A Web Hosting Service For Your Blog
  • Video 5 - How To Change omain Name Servers
  • Video 6 - Using FTP
  • Video 7 - Controlling The Control Panel!
  • Video 8 - Creating Sub-Domains
  • Video 9 - Installing WordPress
  • Video 10 - Creating A Database
  • Video 11 - Uploading Your Blog
  • Video 12 - Upgrading Your Blog
  • Video 13 - WordPress Plugins
  • Video 14 - Protecting Your Blog With .htaccess!
  • Video 15 - Protecting Your Login Page
  • Video 16 - Plugins With RSS Updates
  • Video 17 - Backing Up Your Blog
  • Video 18 - Protecting The wp-config.php File
  • Video 19 - Using RoboForm
  • Video 20 - Limiting Access To Your Blog!
  • Video 21 - Cleaning Up Your Dashboard!
  • Video 22 - Installing WordPress Themes
  • Video 23 - Installing WordPress Plugins
  • Video 24 - Installing Multiple Plugins!
  • Video 25 - How To Configure Askimet To Reduce Spam!
  • Video 26 - How To Configure 'All In One SEO' For Top Rankings!
  • Video 27 - Improving Your SEO With A Free Plugin!
  • Video 28 - Installing A Contact Form!
  • Video 29 - Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Video 30 - How To Auto-Post Content!
  • Video 31 - Creating And Customizing Blog Posts
  • Video 32 - Creating New Static Blog Pages
  • Video 33 - How To Administrate Your Blog
  • Video 34 - Understanding And Installing Widgets
  • Video 35 - Backing Up Blog With Free Software
  • Video 36 - Creating A Sales Page On Your Blog
  • Video 37 - Creating Mini-Sites With WordPress
  • Video 38 - How To Create A Static Front Page
  • Video 39 - How To Create Drop-Down Menus
  • Video 40 - How To Add Streaming Videos To Your Blog!
  • Video 41 - How To Customize Your Video Player - Part 1
  • Video 42 - How To Customize Your Video Player - Part 2
  • Video 43 - How To Customize Your Audio Player

AND you will also get with your order of "Blogging Your Way to Wealth" another 60 WordPress Video Tutorials. They are as follows in the listing below.

  • Video 1 - How to Add Sub or Add-On Domains
  • Video 2 - How to Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
  • Video 3 - How to Install WordPress Manually Using FTP
  • Video 4 - How to Change Your Permalinks Structure
  • Video 5 - How to Create New Blog Posts
  • Video 6 - How to Create New Pages
  • Video 7 - How to Insert and Format Images
  • Video 8 - How To Install Plugins Automatically
  • Video 9 - How to Upgrade or Delete Plugins Automatically
  • Video 10 - How to Upload and Install Plugins Manually
  • Video 11 - How to Install WordPress Themes Automatically
  • Video 12 - How to Customize Your Theme Menu
  • Video 13 - How to Upload and Install Themes Manually
  • Video 14 - How to Use WordPress Widgets in The Sidebar
  • Video 15 - How to Add and Manage Users in WordPress
  • Video 16 - How to Upgrade Wordpress and Themes Automatically
  • Video 17 - How to Insert Audio or MP3 Files
  • Video 18 - How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog
  • Video 19 - How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles
  • Video 20 - How to Add YouTube Videos to WordPress Automatically
  • Video 21 - How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
  • Video 22 - How to Import Content from Blogger to WordPress
  • Video 23 - How to Add Google Analytics to Wordpress
  • Video 24 - How to Place a Banner In the Sidebar
  • Video 25 - How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post
  • Video 26 - How to Add Feedburner to Your Wordpress Blog
  • Video 27 - How to Install and Use the All-In-One SEO Plugin
  • Video 28 - How to Install and Use A Contact Form Plugin
  • Video 29 - How to Insert an Aweber Form In The Sidebar
  • Video 30 - How to Use The Akismet Spam Plugin
  • Video 31 - How to Customize Your 404 Error Page
  • Video 32 - How to Add or Delete Categories
  • Video 33 - How to Block Your Site From Search Engines
  • Video 34 - How to Add and Edit New Links In Your Blogroll
  • Video 35 - How to Change Your Login Password Through Wordpress Admin
  • Video 36 - How to Change The Blog Title
  • Video 37 - How to Clean Up A New WordPress Blog
  • Video 38 - How to Moderate The Comments Made On Your Site
  • Video 39 - How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
  • Video 40 - How to Put a Custom Header in Your Blog
  • Video 41 - How to Delete Comments Inside Trash Folder
  • Video 42 - How to Add a Digg Button In Your Post
  • Video 43 - How to Edit A Blog Post
  • Video 44 - How to Add A Facebook Like Button In Your Post
  • Video 45 - How to Add a Google Plus Button In Your Post
  • Video 46 - How to Set A Wordpress Page As Your Blog's Home Page
  • Video 47 - How to Transfer Content From One Wordpress Blog to Another
  • Video 38 - How to Manage Banner Ads
  • Video 49 - How to Change The Number of Blog Posts That Is Shown On The Home Page
  • Video 50 - How to Create A Password Protected Or Private Post
  • Video 51 - How to Recover Your Wordpress Password
  • Video 52 - How to Secure Your Wordpress Blog
  • Video 53 - How to Schedule Blog Post For Future Date
  • Video 54 - How to Create A Sitemap
  • Video 55 - How to Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog
  • Video 56 - How to Make A Post Sticky
  • Video 57 - How to Add Text Link Ads
  • Video 58 - How to Add Thumbnails to Your Posts
  • Video 59 - How to Integrate TweetMeme with Your Blog
  • Video 60 - How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin

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What's more, blogging means you get to earn that money by writing on a topic that you find fascinating and you even get to become something of a minor celebrity in your chosen niche. You can earn a lot of money here too - if a blog takes off and becomes really successful then in theory you can earn thousands a day. It's incredibly scalable and there's no "upper limit" for what you can achieve.

So Think About:
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